Col De La Madeleine

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The Col de la Madeleine, at 1996m, is another challenging feature of many of our trips. Used in the Tour many times, the Madeleine links the two big cycling areas of the French Alps, the Tarentaise and the Maurienne. From the Maurienne side it climbs over 1500m over the course of 19km giving it a stiff average of naround 8%. From the Tarentaise side, starting in Feissons, the climb is longer at 26km with a similar height gain. A few flatter stretches give the rider some respite, but from both sides the Madelaine poses a tough 'hors catagorie' challenge. 

Click here for a profile of the Col de la Madeleine from La Chambre in the Maurienne valley

Click here for the climb from the Tarentaise side
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