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"I've ridden 6 fully supported trips with Alpine Cadence now. If you like to challenge yourself and ride with like-minded people, if you appreciate the benefits of accompanied rides with everything carefully planned, if you want to focus on riding knowing that everything else is taken care of by John, Martin and the rest of the team - Alpine Cadence is for you. I simple can't recommend them too highly. You will make new friends, have some great days on the bike and find out a few truths about yourself. Just the right balance between support, encouragement and challenge for me (and many other regular returnees) "
Jerry Stock, July 2017   

"My first trip with Alpine Cadence, and I had the most amazing time in the Pyrenees. The support from John and Oliver who rode with us was brilliant and this was backed up by Martin in the van and not to forget Duncan the friendly drone! The rides and views were epic with a good variety of riding options every day, so that you could do extra Cols if you wanted to, or not. Equally as epic and impressive, was the accommodation every evening, with every hotel serving up a stunning 3 course evening meal, fit for a mountain king. Thanks to John, Martin and Oliver from Alpine Cadence for an amazing week and also to the other members of our group, for all the support and banter over the 8 days. I am looking forward to the next trip with Alpine Cadence already! "
Mick Le Vaillant, September 2017   

"I have ridden many trips with Alpine Cadence, led by John and ably assisted by Martin, Derek and Oliver. Just come back from Girona for the third time and each trip is a development of the previous. It's such a great town, relaxing and full of brilliant places to eat. The cycling is truly varied but always with so little traffic and fantastic scenery. It's a great experience for all levels of cyclist. Highly recommended. "
Joss Armitage, May 2017   

"The Alpine Cadence team pulls together a fantastic trip for their cyclists, ensuring everyone is safe, included and supported during the rides, and made to feel like they are out for a ride with their local group of friends back home. Except...you're not back home - you're in Girona, where the roads are smooth, the traffic is light, and the terrain ranges from rolling countryside to challenging climbs. Wonderful! I can't wait to return, and next time it will be for two weeks not just one. Thank you John, Martin, Derek and Oliver! Chapeau. "
Doug Welsby, May 2017   

"Just returned from Le Tour Des Alpes (10th - 17th June 2017). Great people, great climbs, exhilarating descents and fantastic food. Would thoroughly recommend this trip and this company to anyone looking for a great cycling experience. My thanks to John and his team for a superb week. "
Richard Wood, Tour des Alpes, June 2017   

"I recently joined Alpine Cadence on their Tour des Alpes. An awesome trip, that included so many of the big climbs and exciting descents. Support from the Alpine Cadence team was always close by, and the drone movies are a nice touch. Thank you John, Carolyn, Martin, Oliver, and of course, Duncan. If you looking for bike tour company, you will not be disappointed with Alpine Cadence Cycling. "
Tim Matthews, Tour des Alpes, June 2017   

"Thankyou for another fantastic trip,brilliantly organized! Scenically it was brilliant as well, its the first time I've ridden in the Dolimites, traversing into the Alps was great and finishing at Lake Garda amazing too."
Francis Staunton, Giro Dolomiti, September 2016   

"Thank you for another brilliant tour. Seamless organisation once again. I may even have enjoyed this more than "The Sud" although I would have doubted it possible when I left home. I especially enjoyed the challenges of the well planned routes and the real feeling of team spirit and mateship. I have a whole new bunch of fellows to follow on Strava. Looking forward to riding with you all again next time."
Rob Standen, Giro Dolomiti, September 2016

"Certainly something I will never forget, one of the best experiences of my life!"
Debbie Jacobs, Giro Dolomiti, September 2015

"Thanks for a great trip, really enjoyed it. It felt well organised, friendly and just a really good vibe. I was going to say 'relaxing' but not sure that is the right word, just good to be able to get on and ride - without having to worry about anything else.‚Äč"
Sue Chester, Giro Dolomiti, September 2015

"Just a quick thank you for last week.The fantastic route, some great hotels and the banter throughout made for a truly special week."
Paul Morris, Grand Tour du Sud, August 2015

"Chasing you guys up the hills has certainly paid off !! Brilliant week - tons of great memories."
Dave Chadwick, Grand Tour du Sud, August 2015

"For me the TDF Trip was a great balance of riding and being able to watch the Tour as the excitement of Froome bid for a second victory came under repeated attack (on and off the bike!). Having options expained to us, thanks to your knowledge and research; whilst at dinner the previous evening, was great as each rider could decide what worked for them. Riding in the same roads the Peleton were going to be flowing through only a couple of hours later, I found extremely exciting; especially with the signage and tdf support staff erecting sprint & KOM point barriers, gantries and all the advertising banners - this all certainly for me made me feel like part of the 2015 Tour itself!
The location was key to the 2015 TDF parcour and we were in the centre of all the Maurienne action, with the Lacets de Montvernier on our doorstep, the Tour passing our hotel, and the ability to see stage starts, finishes and even ride just 2 miles around the corner for a third spectate on the same day!
For TDF cycling enthusiasts, that love the sport and also love to ride, then this trip is second to none.
Well done & thanks to all the alpinecadence team, my third trip with you and a real pleasure to be included in."

Neil Cleminshaw, Tour de France, July 2015

"I cant believe how good a week I had so I just wanted to say a massive thank-you to you and of course Carolyn, Martin and Nick. It was really a fantastic week and I have come back not only feeling much fitter but much more confident as a cyclist. I'll keep a look out for your trips next year!"
Stuart Dabner, June 2015

" The most wonderful, exciting, thrilling cycling experience of my life. Day after day of pushing limits, taking in the most amazing rides and continuing onwards ever onwards to the horizon, never turning back. Sometimes feeling like queen of the universe and sometimes, with much encouragement and cajoling from you & Martin, dragging my weary body onto new challenges I never thought I could surmount.
Seamless, perfect organisation, perfect hotels, great support and fabulous photographs to gloat over for always. 
And thanks for all your coaching and tips and your generous sharing of information. You made my first Marmotte a great experience instead of a torment!! Specially great were pacing, power, smooth descending, changing gear for danceuse and chain gang riding which knowledge I put to great use!! My confidence was super high and despite the heat, finished with a time I was really pleased with".

Melanie Batchelor, June 2015

"Thank you for a wonderful trip, I cannot imagine a better introduction to alpine cycling. Everything from the logistics to the weather were perfectly timed and the scenery unparalleled. The training tips and coaching is helping me take my cycling to the next level and I look forward to testing my alpine legs on the local climbs. Overall, it was simply a fantastic experience, highly professional, immensely enjoyable, and I can't wait to come back."
Alexis Arthur, Tour du Mont Blanc, June 2015

"Great weather, great organisation and fantastic company. What more could one want. Thanks to all for making it a a great adventure."
John Holden, Tour du Mont Blanc, June 2015

"John, thankyou very much for a memorable trip. Not only was it a great ride, the scenery was stunning, the climbs awesome and the accommodation fantastic but also the weather was wonderful.
We had a great sense of achievement and really enjoyed the Time Megeve Sportive."

William and Carol Alves, June 2015

"I had a brilliant TDMB and I would like to thank you, Nick, Martin and Caroline for making the trip so enjoyable. It was a very nice supportive group to ride with who all contributed to the trip as well. My highlights were climbing the Grand St Bernard, the 19 km descent on the final day and the Megeve Cyclosportive which was brilliant.
Thanks for all your encouragement and advice to Alexis and myself. I am working on my power and flexibility in preparation for the Tour des Alps next year. There is still plenty of room for me to improve even if like the Red Queen in Alice Through the Looking Glass I have to ride faster just to remain in the same place.
I don’t think there is anything I would change to make the trip better. It was awesome. Could you email a copy of that photo of me you took at the top of the Grand St Bernard as I would like to print a copy to frame and put on my wall or add to next year’s calendar I will make of our 2015 trips. See you next year."

Ian Arthur, June 2015

"Thankyou for a great cycle trip , the whole 6 days was a fantastic experience the routes-views-hotels and of course your advice and encouragement through those 5 days of riding. Please thank Martin and Nick for all their help on the road , John you have an excellent team. Caroline thankyou for the great food you cooked for us and congratulations on your iron lady performance in the Time Megeve."
Steve Hill, June 2015

"It was a great week of cycling in a perfect location. I've done 4 similar weeks now and this was easily the best. I really enjoyed the fact that we got together each evening and ate out together. This really made the trip special for me. Great variety of cycling on good roads and little traffic for the bulk of any ride. Girona was a revelation and its easy to see why pros have traditionally used it as a base.
I found the group riding very enjoyable and it was an honour to ride with such good riders. I learned a lot about riding and about myself as a rider. The pace was a bit hot for me at times but I was always encouraged and never made to feel that I was slowing things up. As always, Derek was a great bloke to have helping us stragglers along at times. Just the right balance between help and abuse (for me anyway).
I would definitely consider another Girona trip if I could be convinced that I would handle the pace.
Thanks to everyone - yourself, Carolyn, Martin and Derek- and all the group members. I wont forget this one in a hurry."

Jerry Stock, April 2015

"Trip was perfect training for me, right time of year (just before sportives and triathlons next month) and great group of people, closely matched for some fun chasing up and down the hills."
Guy Green, April 2015

"This was my first cycle camp type trip. It exceeded all expectations. I loved was the combination of cycling in great company on quiet, excellent roads with a city break come food tour.
I wouldn't have thought to go to Girona if it weren't for a recommendation from a cyclist friend. Compared to nearby Barcelona it is off the beaten track and feels like a real discovery, compact enough to be enjoyed in the afterglow between cycling and dinner. I stayed in the heart of the old town and for me that added an extra bit of charm, sleeping right beneath the cathedral walls and I quite enjoyed cycling along the steep cobbles for the morning rendez-vous.
As for the cycling, I was definitely made to push myself hard by a strong group of riders. Despite the occasional faux pas from my lack of group riding and cycle camp experience I was always made to feel really welcome by a great group of people. Each day had a different character and I enjoyed the mixture of riding, from long steep climbs to flat stretches sheltering behind 'vortex' Ian and glorious, never-ending, sweeping descents. The scenery, from poppy fields to charming towns and coastal or hill-top restaurant stops also helped to make the cycling a real pleasure.
The organisation was excellent to the point it was hard to believe this was the inaugural trip, though part of what made it special was that it was so, and a bit of a discovery for everyone involved. I also really appreciated how you guys went the extra mile for me with transfers, squeezing me into the van at the start (Thanks again to Derek for taking the public bus to allow this) and driving me to get the public bus back at the end, at stupid o'clock.
Thanks for an amazing trip!"

Brian Moher, April 2015

"It was a brilliant week, best trip I’ve been on - it suited me down to the ground, plenty of opportunity to stretch my legs on rolling / flat, smooth, quiet roads, with the most closely grouped set of riders in terms of ability as well."
Ian Mackie, April 2015

"I agree with the other comments. Best trip yet. The company first and foremost made it so. Great to be in a group of relatively similar abilities especially with so much flat riding as well as climbing. Love the area. The food was a great success and the evening dining adventure always something to look forward to.
would love to see it longer next year. 2-3 weeks as opposed to just one and I would be there for the duration, even if the same rides are included on both weeks. Would also consider a fall excusion there.
Was very well done and enjoyable. Put me in great shape for the New York Granfondo in a weeks time. If I can crawl out from under my paperwork by then!"

Miriam Nicholson, April 2015

"Thanks for a fantastic trip.I'm now looking forward to Granfondo Stelvio..in early June.
I thought it was a great location with a mixture of terrain(rolling sections,mountains and flat sections) and the atmosphere of Girona was great and the climate as well. Everyone on the trip was great, all very experienced cyclists and nearly everyone had been on trips with Alpine Cadence before, so the atmosphere felt great. I would definitely do a similar trip next year. Mallorca is great but it's become so crowded, that I prefer going somewhere quieter."

Francis Staunton, April 2015

"I have loved all the Alpine Cadence trips that I've done but there was something truly special about this one. A really good group, pretty closely matched, a brilliant little city, all sorts of riding including plenty of mini-competitiveness...it was magic. Really, really magic. And it was, as ever, well organised. And then there's the food and wine...it's always hard to define the magic in something but it was there alright. I really can't think of anything I would change, apart from getting Mackie to not attack when I am just opening a gel. Cheers Derek!"
Joss Armitage, April 2015 

"For me, the route and the varied choice of overnight accommodation were excellent, this came up in conversation on more than one occasion whilst on the trip.
I don't know that you could change anything about the logistics of the Tour to make it better.
Felt quite emotional on the Iseran summit to be honest and experienced a real feeling of achievement"

Kev Barnes, September 2014

"What can I say other than I thoroughly enjoyed both trips I have done with Alpine Cadence, the GTDS & the Giro Dolomiti. Everything was perfectly organised and hassle free, which is exactly what you want on a cycling holiday, so you can just enjoy your cycling. From the lovely home cooked meals at John’s place to kick off & conclude the GTDS to the comfortable accommodation (always with wifi) and fulfilling dinners every night to replenish you for the next day. The exceptional routes allow you to take in the best of the Alps & Dolomites along with the great support provided by John, Martin & Chris, who do everything they can to ensure you have a great trip. Will be back next year for sure (time permitting!)"
Joe Hooper, September 2014

"A remarkable trip and the training is starting to pay dividends!"
Peter Gordon, July 2014

"Thank you for helping to make this tour so memorable. I honestly would say I enjoyed every moment of the tour. The organisation was apparently flawless. Nick and Martin are brilliant backup to the class act that is Alpine Cadence. Congratulations.
Our tour was enhanced by a brilliant bunch of fellows and uncanny luck with weather. 
Looking forward to returning for more with you in the future. Thanks everyone again."

Rob Standen, July 2014

"Absolutely fabulous trip, exceeded all expectations and my expectations were high! The final climb up Iseran is just brilliant to round it off, it’s the perfect finale."
Steve Douglas, July 2014

"Chuffed to bits on reflection. It was very challenging (especially the last couple of days for me) but absolutely loved it.
I've since got a pb in a recent time trial and have averaged 20mph cycling into work for the first time.
Thanks to John, Martin, Nick and Carolyn for your support and making it a fantastic experience. Also thanks to the group for the excellent company."

Alan Bird, July 2014

"Ditto for everything complimentary already stated. I wholeheartedly agree with all those positive comments.
I honestly don't know how it can be improved as it was a perfect training camp with the big thumbs up of riding from and to a different place each day. As mentioned all you fellas were great and our hosts and supporters were fantastic. I can't thank you all enough for making the tour (NOT a holiday!) a most memorable experience."

Steve Podmore, July 2014

"Just wanted to say thanks again for a brilliant trip. I really enjoyed it and felt very welcome throughout. I especially want to thank you John on pushing me on the last day when I felt exhausted and thought my legs would fall off - that last descent of Roseland was amazing. "
Mo Mansoori, June 2014

"Thankyou so much for a fantastic trip. We had a great time and have been moping around wishing we were back in the Alps since our return. Please also pass on our thanks to Carolyn who is the perfect host"
Laurence and Cathy Gant, May 2014

"Thanks for an amazing few days, it was fantastic. I learnt a lot and certainly developed more confidence in my descending. The cycling was wonderful and the food divine!"
Siobhan Bay, May 2014

"Thanks very much for the wonderful days in the French Alps. It was a fantastic combination of very good planning and guidance, nice company plus the extraordinary hospitality in your chalet (the food in particular), which I enjoyed very much. I am looking forward to the next trip"
Ralf Becker, Germany, May 2014

A massive thankyou from David and I for a fantastic week. We both thoroughly enjoyed it and I certainly achieved things I didn't think possible! It was so well organised, the rides were amazing and your food was sensational Carolyn! See you next year in the Alps!
Kathryn and David Evans, May 2014

"A big thankyou for a great trip last week. I had a brilliant week and enjoyed every minute of it."
Adrian Beer, March 2014

"Thanks for a great and very memorable trip! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, what a week with the weather too, perfect cycling conditions. Have to say the whole trip from start to finish was really well organised and met some great people along the way"
Mark Galliers, March 2014

"Fantastic trip and really enjoyed the advice and company"
Jeremy Stock, March 2014

"The ultimate bunch ride! That's the best way I could come up with to describe the Grand Tour du Sud to my friends. You guys did an awesome job and it made for an awesome holiday! You've come up with a great route, so many iconic climbs and the distances work really well too, it really is a classic."
Andy Richardson, Australia, September 2013

"Thanks for a great trip! The people on the trip, all the staff, food, the routes were all great. Carolyn's food and hospitality at the beginning and end were wonderful."
Francis Staunton, September 2013

"Thanks for organising such a great trip, It certainly ticked all the boxes and exceeded expectations, please thank Carolyn for her great cooking and hospitality."
Matt Vukasovic,  Australia, September 2013

"Thanks for such a good experience, the pain was worth it as all the climbs you took us on were breathtaking and your organisation was excellent."
Andrew Perrin, July 2013

"Just thought I would drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed the tour. Thanks once again for inviting me into your home, for all the advice, encouragement and professionalism. Already planning for next year’s trip, still looking to improve and will be using your advice to get stronger as my motivation over the next twelve months."
Alan Thomas, June 2013

"Thank you so much for a wonderful adventure, and personally a true test physically. This was like no other “holiday” I’ve experienced. Any semi serious rider needs to experience what you have to offer. You truly find the balance of some hard core riding with plenty of comforts along the way to support those willing to test themselves. Whether it was taking in the breathtaking scenery, or my front tyre, both were memorable moments that will truly last. An excellent programme with ideal group size, terrific accommodation and warm hospitality."
Richard Moody, July 2013

"Wanted to say a huge thanks to you and the family for the wonderful hospitality and managing such a great trip. I really enjoyed the opportunity to ride in the mountains and will definitely be back."
Nathan Burt, May 2013

"Many, many thanks for a superb four days of great hospitality, great food, great company and, of course, fantastic cycling".
Mike and Lucy Redmond, May 2013

"John, many thanks to you, Carolyn and the team for a superb week of training. The experience was exactly as advertised....riding as hard as you like, first class food and tremendous backup if you'd had enough. I genuinely learned a lot and look forward to applying some new skills when I get back home. It was more than a holiday.....more of a life event! Many thanks, Michael."
Michael Bowden, May 2013

"Cannot describe how good this tour has been! Very well organised, fantastic route each day, great having the van as back up, good accommodation each night! What else can I say apart from 'I'll be back'"           
Ian Mackie, September 2011

"Totally endorse Alpine Cadence, experienced road racers or passionate determined recreational riders alike, this adventure has it all!"
Neil Cleminshaw, September 2011

"I wanted to say thanks so much to you for looking after us so and making our holiday so much more than we expected.
We both so enjoyed ourselves, your hospitality is second to none,fantastic cycling. Thank you all for a magical few days !!"
Mary Mackay and Iain Gordon, Sep 2010

"Thanks for an awesome trip. I am still replaying bits of the race in my head and have printed out my certificate and ordered photos and everything!!"
Adam Kudryl, June 2010

" AC do exactly what it says on the tin. Yourself and Dave provided excellent support, advice, encouragement and enthusiasm which went towards making a superb trip.  Add to that, the great company of Adam, Jason & Nick, the weather, the riding, accommodation and the food....you have the perfect activity holiday."
Kev Barnes June 2010

"Thank you for making our trip so wonderful. I knew it would be good, but you made it better than I could ever have imagined. I had the time of my life and haven't stopped talking about it to anyone prepared to listen!"
Nick Mullett June 2010

"A quick line to say many thanks for a fantastic holiday last week in the Alps, had a really great time.
The organisation, logistics, route choices, chalet etc was really superb"
Damian Doyle July 2010

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